What our clients have to say...


"I have been sharing my tremendous experience of DOGRA CPA LLC with each business owner in my contact. Under the assistance of Dogra’s expertise my business is rising rapidly and undoubtedly. I own part of that success to DOGRA CPA LLC. Above all, I experienced extremely contented functioning with them. They are always available to me."

  Sumit Bhanote

Sumit Bhanote, Founder & Owner

Luggagepoint Corp

“As a client I am glad that I made decision to opt DOGRA CPA LLC for accounting services. My company receives personalized attention and specifically tailored solutions for every problem. They put effort to understand our particular needs afterward assist us with short term and long term goals for our business.We’re imperative to them as clients; they disburse a lot of attention to us."

  Harjit Singh

Harjit Singh, Owner & President

Vikram Construction Inc


"I have an expert to help me with my business goals, and someone who aware & prepare me about every kind of odd upcoming circumstances. DOGRA CPA LLC provides absolute solution for multiple problems of my company. Their team is extremely obliging. In short, I would say DOGRA CPA LLC has a great team, great service and provides great experience!"

  Tony Gecaj

Tony Gecaj, CEO

Last Stop Realty, Inc

"Professional working of DOGRA CPA LLC ensured me about the smooth process of functioning. Along with experience and skilled team I personally recommend them for staff continuity. I never had to re-explain the specifics of my business to them. In fact I have formed a strong bond with service providers of DOGRA CPA LLC as same members are continually serving my company. "

  Haresh Patel

Haresh Patel, Owner

Best Wesern Fairwinds Inn