Life at DOGRA CPA LLC is reward and fun, we put forward miscellaneous programs exclusively planned to help you accomplish each goal.


Employees of DOGRA CPA LLC have not just proved themselves as great workers but great governess too. Be a part of our mentoring program and start getting knowledge from the very second you join. Our mentoring curriculum is embedded with enormous prospect for our employees to expand technical knowledge.

We provide opportunities to apply learnt skills, discover further concerning the firm’s markets and services with a sole focus to build up strong career of their own. Counselor pays attention to pupil’s individual need and advice them accordingly. We bring in employees to deal with practical and technical issues in addition to promote community involvement.

Wellness Program

It is important to be in good physical shape to keep liveliness up and health insurance costs low. At Dogra CPA LLC recruits may be reimbursed for the annual dues of their fitness center. We believe that healthy administrative centers are most productive. Even we refund Aerobics and Pilates-classes amount with a focus objective to craft your wellness program easier for you.

Unlimited Vacation Policy

Unlimited Vacation guidelines mean company is liberal to provide uncounted vacation provided that you complete the job on time. We focus on turn out best outcome instead of just putting in the hours. Our flexible work provision gives a boost to the employees. The trust and respect our team members receive strength their dedication towards company.

Considering the fact that unbalancing of professional & personal life distressing so many people now a day’s DOGRA CPA LLC focus on developing of professional working atmosphere along with Quality life of employee.

Community Involvement

If you are the employee for whom community matters, you will be devoted to work with Dogra CPA LLC. We contribute time and resources to starters, partners and staff including many organizations every year. Consequently, we promote employees to devote their time in community service projects.