Advanced Accounting Services for Legal Advisors

Legal Services
Legal Services

Success of a law firm largely depends on the excellent service it provides to the customers. DOGRA CPA LLC helps legal service providers to carry out effective business supervision which leads to enhanced control on professional time, overhead and finance.

Our experts work with law firms and intellectual property (IP) to achieve better financial results. Under the experienced assistance you can tackle tax and financial matters appropriately. The fluctuating financial environment of legal service business forces law firm to serve high quality service at low charge. DOGRA CPA LLC assists you renewals, exclusive rights and brand name search, IP Management software and docketing. 

Accounting services for legal advisors look into matters of transactions, indenture organization, anti-bribery and compliance along with legal examinations. We focus on realistic solutions legal service businesses in time. Our services ensure clients to get hold on resources, development proficiency, expertise, and global reach. 

Services we endow for the legal services industry includes:·  

  • Business Succession Plan 
  • Auditing  & Accounting
  • Tax Planning services
  • Tax Return Preparation 
  • Amalgamation Advice 
  • Resolving  Partnership Dissolution issues 
  • Financial plan and budget Management 
  • Employee settlement Planning 

We assist clients on Retirement Planning Audits and provide Facilitation of Bank Financing also. Our aim of serving Accounting services is merely to make it possible for you to focus on the high-level substance which are most valuable.