Health Care

Heath Care
Health Care

The health care industry is constantly changing as providers attempt to reduce costs and provide services more efficiently. Medicare reform, government regulations, reductions in federal funding for states, and the growth of managed care have created a highly competitive market.

Providers need to understand the changing dynamics in the market and how to position themselves in order to take advantage of opportunity.

But where there’s challenge, there’s opportunity-and we’re here to help. DOGRA CPA LLC supports physicians working on critical challenges in today's complex health care environment and has helped many healthcare professionals establish and expand their businesses. We are problem solvers with the experience to make healthcare organizations more efficient, and therefore, more profitable.

Our services for physicians include:

  • Selecting the appropriate form of entity (sole proprietorship, partnership, or professional corporation).
  • Selecting, Implementing, and monitoring the appropriate accounting system.
  • Providing bookkeeping and payroll services.
  • Managing accounts receivable.
  • Preparing financial statements.
  • Preparing tax returns.
  • Assisting in establishing banking relationships.
  • Assisting in obtaining financing.
  • Designing systems for maintaining medical records.
  • Designing appointment systems.
  • Performing revenue management reviews.
  • Negotiating and evaluating managed care arrangements.