Financing Services

One of the most significant casualties of the economic crisis that has gripped the world’s businesses for the last few years has been ready access to sufficient capital and financing. Organizations of all sizes, all industries and all geographies have been impacted.

Capital scarcity is the result of reduced availability from conventional sources and increased need due to a challenging business climate and new regulatory requirements. When facing the need for increased capital in a competitive and uncertain economic environment, DOGRA CPA LLC provides financing services that mayassist our clients in some or all of the following activities.


  • Deciding whether financing is needed.
  • Determining the underlying reason why financing is needed: working capital, capital expenditure, or loan repayment.
  • Deciding how much financing is needed.
  • Deciding what type of financing should be obtained:  consumer credit, commercial loan, SBA, or credit line 
  • Preparing a financing proposal for submission to a potential provider of financing.
  • Negotiating the financing with a potential provider.


  • Funds can be used for start-up capital, additional working capital, refinancing existing debt,purchase of real estate and machinery, or acquisition of another business.
  • If you finance your business using debt, the interest you repay on your loan is tax-deductible.
  • Lenders from whom you borrow money do not share in your profits and have the control of your business.
  • Liability of financing is generally limited to the corporate entity unless the personal guarantees are required by the financial institution.
  • Financing build and improve the credit of the business and rate of interest is lower than credit cards.


Financing is very advantageous in expanding the business and tapping on timely opportunities.