Performance Based Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction

In today’s economic climate where the sluggish demand for products and scarce capital has made immediate concern, private companies need to instill a new sense of discipline that will enable them to address critical short-term concerns and prepare them to emerge with a competitive advantage when the economy recovers.

DOGRA CPA LLC helps these organizations to increase their profits and become more competitive by reducing their costs through inventive and improved efficiencies.

We have the expertise to thoroughly evaluate and streamline the entire cost structure of the organization that lead to higher margins. Your goal is to grow your business or organization; our goal is to help reduce your costs and improve your profits. We present a risk-free means of achieving increased profits, reduced costs and heightened efficiencies.

DOGRA CPA LLC follows each project through implementation to ensure success and then monitors on an ongoing basis to insure results; our processes provide tangible results in saving your organization money. These benefits come with minimal intrusions into your daily staff performance.


  • Consideration to the behaviors and decision-making processes that drive costs in the first place.
  • Build sustainable economic benefits through changes in process and structure and transfer ofcapabilities.
  • Cost Control and Enhancing Competitiveness through Bench-marking. Improve organization effectiveness by implementing leading operating practices.
  • Taking control of inadequate processes around contract management of third-party spend.


  • You pay no fee unless your organization saves money.
  • Our fee structure is 100% performance based.
  • We review records, conduct off-site analysis, and recommend solutions without disruption of yourbusiness.
  • Our processes provide tangible results in saving your organization money.


Sustainable cost reduction becomes competitive advantage when the economy recovers.