Cash Management

Cash Management Services
Cash Management Services

Cash management is often described as the process by which an entity maximizes its available cash by the systematic management of cash collections and disbursements.

Cash management also includes the use of excess cash to generate investment income or reduce interest costs and provides a system of controls over the collection, disbursement and use of cash.

Can Small Businesses Benefit from Cash Management?

The answer is yes. Even in small businesses, properly applied cash management techniques can significantly reduce the time between making a sale and collecting for it, make the timing of disbursements more effective, and maximize the earning potential of cash. In addition to these benefits, cash management also increases the awareness of cash collection, disbursement, and investment procedures, which has a positive effect on the control environment surrounding cash.

Properly applied cash management techniques will:

  • Generate more available cash.
  • Convert idle cash into an earning asset.
  • Provide an adequate supply of cash to meet emergency needs.

The services that can be provided include:

  • Forecasting and budgeting cash flows.
  • Determining how to accelerate cash collections.
  • Determining how to effectively time disbursements.
  • Increasing the return on idle cash.
  • Planning for cash emergencies.
  • Analyzing expenditures for waste and inefficiencies.
  • Reviewing banking relationships.