Astonishing World of Benefits welcome you.


The reputable position of DOGRA CPA LLC in the market is result of each member associated to the organization. Dedicated and focused members are the indispensable foundation of everything immense work we did in past.....Doing right now...…or will do in future.  

We are unswerving to guarantee each associate of DOGRA CPA LLC is prearranged the resources to perform their work in best possible way.

We value our members and facilitate them with:-

  • Complimentary full day meal.
  • Open holiday strategy. We don't reckoning days.
  • During ill health stay in house and acquire health.
  • Health compensation.
  • Supple working hours.
  • Competitive salary
  • Fitness, dental and vision benefits.

Note: Open leave guidelines mean company is liberal to provide uncounted vacation provided that you complete the job on time. We focus on turn out best outcome instead of just putting in the hours. Our flexible work provision gives a boost to the employees. The trust and respect our team members receive strength their dedication towards company.


Considering the fact that unbalancing of professional & personal life distressing so many people now a day’s DOGRA CPA LLC focus on developing of professional working atmosphere along with Quality life of employee.