Expert Audit Representation Services

Audit Representation
Audit Representation

Any taxpayer can receive IRS Tax Audit letter from in their mailbox. Legal professional of DOGRA CPA LLC provides Audit defense Services to taxpayer in an Internal Revenue Service . Audits are time consuming and tricky procedure. Lots of paper work and tax regulations should be taken care during the Representation.


Our experts assist you to complete legal records requirement for your tax return and increase your comprehensive understanding on tax law. Our certified Audit representators classically focus on all conferences and tackles communication on the behalf of clients. Hardly ever our customers have to converse with the IRS.


Officialdom and paperwork of tax planning is gripped very skillfully by DOGRA CPA LLC to save your time. We serve you with every aspect whether its collection of legal papers demanded by IRS or action required in response to everyday notices sent by IRS.


Extremely trained Agents with years of experience are competent to guarantee that clients are being appropriately represented in front of various federal and state tax agencies. We constantly raise our knowledge and present you with best possible solutions to maximize the benefits from audit & accounting

In the assistance of our inclusive expertise, you receive the highest quality services:-

  • On your behalf professional &legal logical conversation with tax authority.
  • Follow a line of investigation to discover about possible issue that may trouble in IRS tax audit.
  • Expert handling and asserting of arguments on your behalf.
  • Legal confrontation with tax authorities.
  • Discussing and settlements of claims with the tax authority.
  • Specialized assistance in appeals process.